Specialization: Image, Modeling & Computing

The program Image, Modeling & Computing specialize students to acquisition modalities, image processing and analysis, the manipulation of numerical data with main applications focused on image analysis and computer graphics.
This engineering program is focused on teaching applied skills in the fields of scientific software developement and image.

Students following this program are prepared to work as computer-scientists, software developers, research and development (R&D), or researchers in various areas such as: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Medical Imaging, High Performance Computing (HPC), Numerical Simulation, Video Games, Special Effects for movies industries, Image Processing and Analysis.

The program delivers knowledge and skills in three main axes:

1) Theoretical knowledge on modeling enbaling to set up string formal bases to solve a problem.

  • Mastering mathematical methodologies and libraries for engineers.
  • Knowledge and implementation of algorithm for numerical analysis.
  • Knowledge in maths, physics, optics and mecanics.

2) Applied skills in software development and numerical computing.

  • Programming design using
    • Scientific languages: C++
    • High level scripting languages: Matlab/Python
  • Design and implementation of efficient parallel algorithms.
  • Use of standard numerical libraries.
  • Manipulation of large data sets.

3) Core skills in image enabling processing, analysis and visualisation of graphical data.

  • Mastering graphical API (OpenGL, Ogre, etc)
    • Use of image and computer vision libraries (OpenCL, VTK, ITK, etc).
  • Developing for specialized high performance parallel architecture (GPU, CUDA, OpenCL).
  • Knowledge on implementation on specialized algorithms in image processing and analysis (morphological operators, reconstruction, trakcing, color analysis, material imaging, recognition, etc).

Keywords in the field of expertise of engineers enroled in Image, Modeling & Computing program:

C++ Developement, GPU, HPC, Parallel Computing, Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Big Data.
Image Analysis, Medical Imaging, Material Imaging, 3D Reconstruction, Tracking, Denoising, Recognition, Inverse Problems, Compression, Color Imaging.
3D Computer Graphics, CAD, Physics/Graphics/Render Engine, Parametric Surfaces, NURBS, Video Games, Physical Simulation, Numerical Computation.

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