Formation units in the Image, Modeling & Computing specialization are the following:

4ETI (S8)

  • Generic Programming in C++
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Image Processing
  • 3D Programming, Geometry & Modeling
  • Optimization and Inverse Problems
  • Image Analysis
  • Image Project (32h)

5ETI (S9)

  • Medical Imaging
  • Video Games
  • 3D Animation & Simulation
  • Rendering
  • GPU Programming
  • From Acquisition to Calibration
  • Machine learning and Image Estimation
  • Compression and Advanced Technics in Image
  • Image Project (96h)

– All units are 24h long.
– In the last semester (S10), your formation ends with 6 months of “last year project”/PFE in a company or in a research center.
– The list of formation unit in French is available on this page.

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