Modeling Symmetric Developable Surfaces from a Single Photo

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We propose a method to reconstruct 3D developable surfaces from a single 2D drawing traced and annotated over a side-view photo of a partially symmetrical object. Our reconstruction algorithm combines symmetry and orthogonality shapes cues within a unified optimization framework that solves for the 3D position of the Bezier control points of the drawn curves while being tolerant to drawing inaccuracy and perspective distortions. We then rely on existing surface optimization methods to produce a developable surface that interpolates our 3D curves. Our method is particularly well suited for the modeling and fabrication of fashion items as it converts the input drawing into flattened developable patterns ready for sewing.

Sketch-based modeling, Developable surface.


Amélie Fondevilla, Adrien Bousseau, Damien Rohmer, Stefanie Hahmann, Marie-Paule Cani.
Modeling Symmetric Developable Surfaces from a Single Photo.
Journées Fraçaises d'Informatique Graphique (j.FIG).