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  • damien.rohmer[at]inria.fr
  • (+33) 4 26 23 45 44 (CPE Lyon)
Office address at CPE Lyon / Inria Grenoble.



I am performing my research in the field of Computer Graphics. I am especially interested in the efficient creation of 3D virtual scenes using high level control. I work on the topics of 3D Modeling, but also Deformation, Animation and Visualization for complex virtual shapes and characters.
I am a member of the Imagine research team from Inria, and Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann (LJK), CNRS in Grenoble.

For more details, see Research Axes, and List of Publications.

PhD Supervision

I am currently co-supervising 2 PhD Students:

I co-supervised 2 PhD students:

I am part of the following granted projects
  • ANR e-ROMA (2017-2021)
  • Restoration of Gallo-Romanian statues by virtual sculpture.
  • ANR FOLD-Dyn (2017-2021)
  • Field-Oriented Layered Dynamics animating 3D characters.
  • FUI COLLODI 2 (2016-2018)
  • Development of robust and innovative animation software with TeamTO and Mercenaries Engineering.
  • ARC-6 POTASSE (2015-2018)
  • Points To Assembly.


cpe lyon

I have been teaching in a French Engineering School: CPE Lyon, in the Electronics, Telecommunication, Informatics (ETI) department since 2010. I am giving classes in Computer Graphics, but also in general Computer Sciences, Image Processing, and Applied Mathematics.
I am responsible for the coordination of the Math, Image and Signal domain, and I am especially involved in the Image, Modeling and Computing specialization program.

For more details and access to the class documents, see Teaching Section.


  • 2010-2017 : Assistant Professor (eq. Maitre de ConfĂ©rence) at CPE Lyon.
  • 2017: HDR from Grenoble University.
  • 2011: PhD from Grenoble University.
  • 2007: Master of Sciences from University Jean Monnet, Saint Etienne.
  • 2007: Engineer from CPE Lyon.
  • 2002: French Preparatory school (Math Sup, Math SpĂ©) at Institution des Chartreux, Lyon.
For more details, see my Short Curriculum, or Long Curriculum.